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I have spent $10,000 on programs which leave me scratching my head going "now what? after I finish them. ...This is not one of those courses.  This is a step-by-step real world already proven process to make a mint in an industry that is always evolving and scattered..... that there is room for lots of polished people to make money 

Steve Kaplan 
Co-Founder MarketMongoose

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Dave challenged my sales ideology by demonstrating what really matters in sales. Client satisfaction, conversion speed, net profits.   
I resigned my job as sales lead after Dave outsold in each metric three of my best within 2 weeks and with one client against their four in two months.  Our team sells face to face but Daves system is not.  His way makes more money with far less work.

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      Tareq A.

     Former Field Manager Bruce Clay SEO

I'm building a lean gritty network of high quality remote bosses who want to earn beyond average income.  How? 

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