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The Indian With the Heavy Accent

Below- A recent reprint email broadcast sent to David's list.  Owners of his first book "The Beginners Guide to Cashing in on Local Business SEO/SEM and list Opt-in Subscribers.  

In part because of this strategy, these days I'm not in need of money,

and that's why I don't write this list much.  Seems it's been around 9

months since I've written this list, but I have exciting NEWS that might

interest you. 

But it's only a great deal if you're not currently earning 
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A guy from India from our old forum thread community got scared shit-less after a prospect requested
to have a PHONE CALL with him.  Duhh, what was he thinking was going to happen?

Based on a SPECIAL advanced marketing proposal that the Indian sent via Targeted COLD Email.  

The deal was worth $8,000 Monthly if the
prospect became a client.

Long story short, The Indian panicked in fear that the prospect would not like his heavy Indian accent.

I get it blah blah and blah.  But then I'm thinking to myself, why buy the course then since your
​Indian accent is not changing anytime soon?  A question for another time perhaps.  He still had my
​attention.  So I paid attention.

He asked me if I would make the call for him because he didn't want to lose the deal.  

Hmmm...The Plot Thickens.

Ok, sooooo what would you do?  Seriously!

I'm a humanitarian,  I can't help it.  So we agreed to a fair humanitarian fee for the call if I

was successful.  Meaning no conversion no loot. Bring it!


​My should- be- soon- to- be ex girlfriend was with me when I was deciding how to handle
this April pre Easter surprise last minute situation.  

​I made the mistake of giving her the facts. I told her that ...

​I'm ok with that under these circumstances. Given that I sold the guy the course that put
him in the favorable position that he's now in.  

Other facts that influenced my decision...

  1. I wrote the Cold email swipe that got the client interested to buy!
  2. I drafted the campaign template that got the client interested to buy!
  3. I drafted the reply format that got the client interested to buy!
  4. I created the sales formula that the Indian now uses to land ....
  5. High Ticket Deals From High Net Worth Clients! 

Under those circumstances, I really couldn't let his lack of confidence (which I'm sure was
the larger concern) or fear of accent bias enter the process to ruin the deal.  Definitely not a
deal of this magnitude.

​Results?  The sale was closed in less than 20 minutes. (recording available & now a great
new authenticated training resource) 

And I'd do the same for you {!firstname_fix},  if you needed it​.  ​You probably 
wouldn't need it unless you have a strong Indian Accent that you're shy about.

​The Indian with the Heavy Accent bagged his first $8,000 per month client.
BIG CONGRATS to an action taker!!  His actions from A-Z are living proof that you miss
100% of the shots that you don't take!

​Had the Indian handled the call himself his commission would have been $19,200, or 20%
of the $96,000 annualized deal amount.  Yummy! 

BIG MONEY for  weekend work in INDIA.  That's a lot of $ when converted to Indian 
Rooopees!  Yes he's smart.  Earning in dollars while living on Rupees!

​Did you know that the average person in India ears about $1,700 per YEAR?

Compare that to this...

​The Indian with the Heavy Indian Accent ...Earned Very well despite my $5,000 conversion cut
that he offered while under duress.  I accepted it.  Because I'm a HUMANITARIAN!!  ;-)

​My should-be-soon-to-be-ex girlfriend said this to me before and after I had even been
offered a cash incentive to close the deal ...

​She said "The Injin, should sell his own deals because otherwise he won't learn how to
sell on his own".  

​A fair point to a point, and only if you're short sighted about support, unable to see
instantly the larger benefit.  Or you're not instantly able to see the value of improving
goodwill and member morale.  

​Besides, in addition to the 5 racks that he paid me, I have an awesome new piece of
training content that I can use for members as a high ticket sales conversion guideline.

​So for me unlike for her, taking the call is a bit like the gift that keeps on giving.  

​Total win win for all involved.  

​My should-be- soon-to- be - ex girlfriend has bOObies where her brain should be
sometimes, but she usually means well whenever I spit ball random business stuff to
her in an effort to expand her thinking.

​Plus I'm aware I'm a bit hard on her at times like these.  She thinks I'm mean.  I am.

​It does drive me a bit bonkers how her Philippine accent pronounces the word INDIAN
as "Injin".  She sounds like a redneck from an old John Wayne movie that me and
​my Dad used to watch while binge watching TV.

​Not much I can do about that though but scold her a gazillion times.  It's like talking
to a wall.

                -Stats you should know-

  1. Less than 60 targeted emails sent
  2. 3 replies.
  3. 1 conversion call. 
  4. Was this a fluke? 
  5. Nope,
  6. It's a system!
  7. A quiet remote sales system. 

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David Gaddi-
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