How to go from Zero to over $90,000 in less than 30 days when email clutter Is The Obstacle!

A New Case Study & Slice of tactical info used to build a 6 figure per month agency within 24 months.

By David Gaddi 
CEO in Hawaii, Philippines & Singapore

The Background

3 of us started a digital agency in 2006 with different complimentary roles.  As the leader my role was sales & business dev.

Within 24 months of operations I was able to create and leverage a few super efficient remote sales process strategies which enabled me to semi retire very early from full time sales of digital products and services; largely aimed at high net worth professionals in the medical field.  

That's the ADHD compressed for time version of a looong story which encompassed many failures and set back along the way.

I semi retired from full time selling around 2008 after our SEO & digital services agency was comfortable at the 6 figure per month recurring income range.  

Still young enough to date smart 18 year olds, and a couple of years before I became one of those Beginner's Guide's author's and wrote my first ebook, released in 2010 to an exclusive SEO & Make Money Online forum audience and according to Photobucket downloaded by over 300,000 hits.   The Beginner's Guide to Cashing in On Local Business SEO SEM.


Flashback Narrative

Around 2006 while actively selling SEO & digital services full time for my own agency, there was a Doctor that I craved as a client.  

During the course of several weeks, I sent him several emails and made several phone calls and his silence indicated non interest.

So what's a remote high ticket closer to do?  Move down the prospect list and send more emails and make more phone calls right?  WROOOONG.

MySpace was the big thing then and the Doctor had a MySpace Profile. provided me with real time email open stats so I knew my mails were being opened by the 
prospect or his gatekeeper.


Several of my calls to his office remained unreturned.  Then my follow up emails stopped being opened.  

Not cool.  Definitely not cool because cool kids need cool stuff like fancy haircuts, snazzy bow-ties, and fancy smart phones.

The Vision

The problem for him was in my head I had already Visualized His name and the monthly amount of around around $4,000 (a lot back then) in my Freshbooks Cloud based Accounting Portfolio. 

After viewing his MySpace profile, Plan B kicked into high gear between my ears.

Everything of merit that I emailed him, I printed out.  I decided to send a compound message to him in a way which was indeed Remote but more difficult for him to ignore.

The Advanced Action Sequence

Rejection is often just the beginning, or step 1 in the high ticket sales process.  Especially when it's outbound and unsolicited.  

To set the action in motion I contacted a remailing service in Bali Indonesia online.

After I contacted a Remailing service in Bali Indonesia, pursuant to instructions I Fed Exed them the documents that I wanted the Doctor to have mailed from their Exotic distant location.  The Doc was in the UK. 

​I'd learned before from another nuanced high ticket campaign that I designed and executed for an inside sales client that...

People who travel internationally don't usually ignore certain types of mails from foreign locations.  

Simple Big Ticket Hack that I learned previously by sending post cards from Jamaica to American & Canadian based Condo buyers.  

A bonus price hack benefit back then was that the cost of Post Cards arriving into the USA & Canada FROM JAMAICA was LESS that the cost of postcards being sent intranationally by both countries.

Infused inside the Doctor's overseas care package, I also included a powerful bit of compelling high ticket conversion eye candy that I originally received from a Commodities broker who cold called me and sold me a Sugar Contract for $50,000 when I was in my early twenties. 

I've used this one piece of marketing collateral to reel in high net worth clients to invest in curated 6 figure campaigns, to produce above average commissions for me and my trainees in a predictive and formulaic way across several high ticket niches. Globally.

It's the small things that work to gain steady big ticket deals.  Malcolm Gladwell once wrote in The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference.  I agree. 

Long before Gladwell made that line famous in his best selling book, I'd been intelligently borrowing a visual sales conversion hack that I found compelling enough for me to invest in something that I didn't fully understand at the time (Sugar futures)

In the back of my mind I felt that if it was a strong enough piece of conversion collateral to close me, then it would probably convert a lot of digital agency and SEO clients too.

At minimum it would buy me some time and attention when dispatched.  I was correct.  

When used strategically It's a hyper powerful business to business visual ice breaker for busy high income professionals.

Especially when campaign prospects are academic or scholastic personality types.  It pauses their lizard brains. 

And I share this among many other things with my consulting clients. who routinely remotely sell 6 figure advertising packages to high net worth professionals.

Because this bit of visual conversion eye candy is elastic and can be used  via email, Fax, display ads, and snail mail.  

It's very effective for remote high ticket sales campaigns.

Upon Receiving My Fed Ex And Instructions.

The Balinese remailing service placed my Fed Ex inside of their packaging, along with my other Special Conversion Smart Stuff, and 5 Days Later the Doctor received an unforgettable Package from Bali Indonesia.

Where he experienced his honeymoon! How did I know that? his MySpace Profile.  No psychic abilities required.  That's one key note of Inbox Overload Loophole in action!

The Beautiful Results

Previously the Doctor held silent but The Same Day he received his Bali delivery from me he sent me his first email thanking me for the CONTENTS of my Special Conversion Smart Stuff from Bali.  I think his mood changed about me.

You decide if his mood about me changed...Specifically he wrote in part.


Prospect Mood Swing!

"...You are dedicated by far beyond other providers constant in 

their efforts to offer me seo services.  I've noticed in section B of your proposal bits I've not seen beore from other seo shops.  I have questions regarding this and your ARP-AARP supplement which appears intriguing..."

This high ticket prospect concluded with An Appointment Request where I could visit him at his office for a meeting or ring him after hours to discuss in his own words.. "our pending business accord".  [I love how they talk in the UK ...'accord']

That entire Statement of Work and engagement was worth over $100,000 and lasted about 3 years.  One excellent client instrumental in greatly improving my quality of life. 

And if I told you about his high value high ticket referral, another non competing doctor and friend which kicked in after about 6 months you would think I was bragging, and no one likes a braggart right.

Anyway, what did it cost me other than a few bucks for Fed Ex & something unique & memorable for him, & Remailing Service fee, lite MySpace Research.  

A bit of petty internalized REJECTION in the form of silence that I refused to allow to discourage me.  

This typifies an absolute Low cost, high yield and high ROI campaign, despite the fact that it did not begin the way I originally planned it in my head.

And the thing is, MOST people won't do that.  

They won't take ANY extra steps after they've hit a wall before giving up, they won't try to decode or outwit or overcome the primary obstacle which is usually the prospect ATTENTION SPAN.

This presumes of course that what you offer the high ticket prospect is not rubbish, and is in fact DESERVING of their eyeballs.  

Most people sink at rejection, and then become consumed with negativity or simply move on without lead squeezing.

They don't realize that The Obstacle Is The Way.  That's how the planet works, otherwise there wouldn't be a 1%, 5%, or even a 10%. 

Despite his generous on site invitation, as is usually the case being a remote high ticket closer, I've never met that client face-to-face,  though we've talked on the phone many times.

And I've been in contact with his office manager who handles his marketing many times.  

Our deal became sealed entirely Remotely.  That's what I do.  That's how I train.  That's my superpower.

That Black Hat Thing

Some people dislike the term "Black Hat" for anything as it implies breaking the rules.
So I'll explain this in easy-to-sleep-at-night terms for those who cringe at the two small
words Black Hat.

The most "Black Hat Thing" that I've activated for this client and many others remains that I was NOT physically in Bali Indonesia when I sent him his  (CCP) customized conversion package, despite the fact that the opener letter read "Greetings From Bali"  

I only used the Bali remailing service as a Tactical Contact Campaign because the prospect-turned-client 

remained unresponsive to my emails and followup telephone calls, and lite public domain research revealed that he had a personal affinity to Bali.  

I seized that insight to activate a strategy that I refer to within my organization as an 

Inbox Overload Loophole.   To trigger a NEW direction to put my deal in front of his eyeballs.

Intelligent people disagree with me but to me that's very Baby Black Hat, and I don't lose any sleep over that tactical decision & income producing outcome.  

I can assure you that the client remains on the happier side of the remote Inbox Overload Loophole  Baby Black Hat hack.

Many people FAIL in business for the lack of smart FOLLOW UP and they spend too much effort walking the conventional or normal path towards results. 

Information is out there, how you navigate and use it to your advantage will determine your level of success. 

Becoming elite in terms of your abilities and creativity is where your economic autonomy will emerge.  

Analyze your ability to move up and down the levels of thinking to achieve your goals.  Following the herds is a losers game.  You just might not know it yet.

This story is just one example of how less than $100.00 triggered deal amounts ranging from $45,000 to $100,000 & beyond.  

The reality is the original lack of prospect response to my campaign solicitation was indeed a wrecked situation, meaning it wasn't ideal.

It wasn't advancing my quota and it wasn't seating a deserving medical professional in a digital spotlight of steady local awareness that could add the internet version of jet fuel to his practice growth.

Stated another way, I (UnRect)  the situation by activating an unorthodox remote contact campaign aka UnRect.  

The Inbox Overload Loophole works as well TODAY as it did back then for high ticket deals because Inboxes are 10X More congested today than they were when I first began deploying these aggressive contact campaigns.  

One of my recent trainees landed a $14,400 commission on a $6,000 per month deal using the same Inbox Overload Loophole strategy & with the right curated prospecting message.


If you worked in one of my contact centers or if we worked together you would know what these and other
goofy acronyms mean within our remote internal sales conversion process.

As it relates to this Case Study, 

In fact in this case despite taking a pass on the face to face meeting, I was literally
renting a room in a flat less than 10 minutes drive from the client's office.  

The idea about using the remailing service came from my addiction to reading Escape Artist Magazine, Until then I'd never heard of a remailing service.

You might think that success simply came from WHERE the package came from.  
That would be false, and partially correct.  

The Bigger part of that high ticket conversion cycle rest in What I wrote, the format and what I sent which 
disarmed the client's Lizard Brain. (we all have an active lizard brain)  

I'll save you some Google research in case you need it like I first did.  

The lizard brain is the source of the resistance.  It's usually the beginning of all sales processes especially remote, outbound, and unsolicited.

But we're not afraid of lizard brains here because our systems turn remote, outbound, unsolicted (ROU) deals into high ROI.  

Most people dislike sales because they dislike personal rejection.  Successful people at higher sales levels are wired differently mentally.  We are abnormal either by nature or by learning. 

A rejection free active method of prospecting guides our high ticket sales success and that's why the good Doctor remained a client for almost 3 years.  He profited very well from our business relationship, and so did I.  A true win win and good business.  

In Conclusion:

We have a 1 hour 3 minute core training which walks you through the steps of exactly what types of special hight ticket campaigns are coveted by high net worth professionals, and which can yield $4,000, $6,000, $8,000 & $12,000 per month client deals which pay at least 20% commission on the front end.

And which can command back end cross sells ranging from $10,000 to $100,000+.

I'll give you a hint because I'm a humanitarian!

If you are a digital marketer who sells SEO, video marketing services, link building, PR services, Press release services, Blog writing services, or social media services, chances are prospects that we target already have most of that.  

But what they don't have is a curated campaign of distinction, or any type of exclusive 360 degree curated cover story media campaign which produces a more aggressive statement of work & eclipses ALL prior digital & print services.

But most importantly these prospects have reached a point in their ambition level where they want The Best or Nothing. 

And that's where you come in!

      How to go from Zero to over $90K in less than 30 days when email clutter Is The Obstacle.  

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Many highly personalized customer acquisition campaigns exist for high value clients. On this page I've simply shared one that not only helped our lean team to build a 6 figure per month agency fairly quickly.

It confirmed something that I learned at the age of 15 when I started my first global trade business from my parents kitchen table.

I learned early on that there's a common and widely accepted and normal way of doing things, and there's a millionaire way of doing things which tends to be unconventional, uncommon, and not widely accepted.

With this New suite of proven profit hacks, you can create a thriving location independent business fast, and without a million dollar investment.



If you currently sell high ticket products or services absent reliance on inboud sales leads, this content is more than enough to help you win and approximate a workable technique to the inbox overload problem which impacts us all.  

You don't need to buy anything from me to profit.

Break The Habit of thinking in conventional forms and take smart action from those thoughts.  You will succeed.  

Think in terms that business is WAR and your life and the wellbeing of those that you care for the most depend on YOUR success.

In my personal view that's a superior and more effective way to think.  It's extreme and it's very difficult for most to steadily think on that frequency.

There's a spectrum of powerful information that high frequency under-the-radar info marketers like myself spoon feed people who prefer accelerated actionable learning without a ton of spotlight and attention.  

Through advanced course materials, private relationship building and personal training systems you can shave years of trial and error, and large R&D expenses to profit at an unprecendeted level and speed by learning first hand from or partnering with an experienced profit hacker.


People dedicated to getting from point A to Z not fast, but as soon as possible (there is a difference) and who are willing and able to invest in themselves, add a new income stream to pull off what my Mentor calls a Time Heist.   

If you're like me and you prefer learning income producing strategies as soon as possible absent your own trial and error and you're dedicated to hitting all the right Notes most of the time in order to produce slam dunk high ticket sales, then I will soon post an option for you to add to your existing income stream. 

Before that, I'll share a quick Side Story about ..

the Penis Helmet & the Elasticity of High Ticket Remote Selling!

The BIG backstory for those who want to go a bit deeper!

A business owner profit hacker friend of mine introduced me to a friend of his who I didn't like very much, so for the sake of decency lets call him King Dick.

By My Standards King Dick Had A Repulsive Personality which wasn't obvious at first.   As a side deal to our original engagement I worked with him personally to solve a much larger & higher value problem than most digital marketers have.  

At first the King wanted SEO for his aviation business, but during chit chat, our engagement shifted a different primary objective.

My involvement with a PMC (Private Military Company) prior to me going all in with digital marketing gave me strategic and capable insight into a problem that King Dick wasn't aware of because I don't talk much about that period of my life.

The King only knew from our introduction at Starbucks that I was the guy who's company could get him dominant on Google's page 1 and elsewhere for his aviation business which at the time remained his obsession.

The mini version of a long story is ... after becoming a client, Mr. foul personality confided in me the details of how after having spent over 2 years trying to start a business relationship with an affluent buyer in South America via ice cold email, All Of His Efforts Failed.  

I listened to his rants about his frustration as a side dish to avionics SEO chit chat as he provided me with DETAILS that he hadn't shared with our friend who introduced us.  

Because King Dick wanted his aviation business ranked on Google's page one in key areas of the USA and specifically in key areas of South America, he felt it necessary to explain the reason for the South American SEO engagement.

His explanation seemed very emotional and expressed agitation and inner turmoil.


The King Gets His Treasure!

After my hands on immersion with his distinct problem, within less than 1 week of deploying a more aggressive version of the Inbox Overload Loophole strategy, King Dick was invited to Caracas Venezuela by the affluent business owner who ignored him for over 2 years prior to my direct intervention.

The reason for the trip invitation after over 2 years of ignoring my client's emails?  To Finalize a deal valued at over $7 Million dollars for a helicopter sales, parts and maintenance contract lasting over 4 years.


Value Bomb

You are invited to learn these types of proven customized under-the-radar high ticket conversion hacks which actually become life changing default methods of high ticket sales operations.  They keep you ahead of the money game selling high quality media products and services or virtually anything else of high value.

There's a million dollar lifestyle difference between disrupting someones day by sending them a courier mail from a remote location vs having the right kind of material inside of the mail. 

Plus having the right message to systematically Jet Pack your Speed of Trust, and to deliver the right value to inspire the prospect to enthusiastically part ways with $6,000 per month or more as a resent trainee named Neil recently discovered as he profited from a commissoin of slightly over $14,000 from his first high net worth  client.  

Neil achieved this within 30 days of going all in from what I taught him.  Neil is successful because despite his prior sales background as a video marketer, he understands now at an expert level how to set the prospect lizard brain at ease

from a distance.

Advanced High Altitude Training Quality


"$14,400 commission from 1 legal services client... took 3 of your email templates..within 30 days...

..I've never been weak about closing but I've also never known it to be this easy dealing with this segment.

Looking forward to more action like this and the 90 day $50K up-sell option.

Thanks is an understatement."

  Neil C

/Remote digital marketer


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Steve Kaplan 
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